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New Copyright Seminar will address impact of major exception changes on museums

The impact of reforms to copyright exceptions introduced on 1 June and 1 October 2014 which directly affect museums will be explained at a new seminar being launched by the Collections Trust in partnership with copyright and IP specialist Naomi Korn.

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Using Benchmarks to Sustain Collections

Using case studies from four museum and library collections; the Museum of London, the Library at the Horniman Museum, the Vestry Museum and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, you can explore the use of Benchmarks in Collections Care. The case studies illustrate the link between the use of Benchmarks as an improvement tool and the resulting opening up of museum collections and services to users therefore contributing to the sustainability of collections and organisations. ...

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Guidelines for the Care & Conservation of #MuseumCats

The Collections Trust is pleased to provide this standard guidance document on professional care, assessment, conservation and management of #MuseumCats. Using this guideline will ensure that cats in museums are managed in accordance with the requirements of the Museum Accreditation Scheme and, you know, common sense and stuff.