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Collections Trust seeks partners for Creative Employment Programme bid

As the professional association for people working in Collections Management, the Collections Trust has set a long-term ambition to open up new, non-academic routes to employment in the museum and heritage sector. 

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Using Benchmarks to Sustain Collections

Using case studies from four museum and library collections; the Museum of London, the Library at the Horniman Museum, the Vestry Museum and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, you can explore the use of Benchmarks in Collections Care. The case studies illustrate the link between the use of Benchmarks as an improvement tool and the resulting opening up of museum collections and services to users therefore contributing to the sustainability of collections and organisations. ...

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Europeana Strategy2020 - transforming the world with culture: download.share.join

On 3 July 2014, Harry Verwayen, Deputy Director at Europeana announced the publication of the Europeana Strategy 2020  which sets out a new vision for how we can all help transform the world with culture through the Europeana community. Below is a transcript of his announcement.