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Bruynzeel Storage Systems to support the Museum Storage Event

Collections Trust is pleased to announce that Bruynzeel Storage Systems will be sponsoring our Museum Storage Event taking place at the Leeds Discovery Centre on 5 June, which will explore current best practice and innovative solutions for museum storage.

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The Collections Management Standards Toolkit: Introduction

The Collections Management Standards Toolkit enables anyone working with a collection to identify the standards that will support them to deliver their museum's organisational purpose or mission. It is particularly relevant to the UK.

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Benchmarking Participation - project update

This update relates to the Benchmarking Participation project being led by Natalie James (@CulturewithaK) as part of her placement with the Collections Trust In the context of changing social and economic behaviours, successful museums need to remain relevant to need of the audience they exist to serve. Engage and participation are key tools in enabling museums to develop so that they are relevant to current needs, and remain so for the future. While these is a lot of discussion and hype ...