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Work placements

The Collections Trust is committed to encouraging people to consider a career in the museums sector. 

The Collections Trust does not hold or work directly with collections but rather with museums and collecting organisations to guide and improve collections management practice within those organisations.

We run professional development opportunities throughout the UK about different areas of collections management practice and aim to develop, promote, maintain and improve standards of collections and information management in cultural institutions. A significant part of our work is funded by the Arts Council of England to support nationwide programmes such as the Museum Development Network and Accreditation Scheme.

We also work on some EU projects in collaboration with Europeana.

If you’re looking to get hands-on experience working with collections we might not be the best fit for you but if you haven’t already checked them see the following websites for opportunities:

Arts Council Jobs Board (also has volunteering/work experience opportunities) 

Leicester University Museums Job Board

National Museum Directors Council  

Museum Jobs  

Equal Opportunities

The Collections Trust is an Equal Opportunities employer. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in all our employment and recruitment practices.