Laura Whitton

Content & Community Manager


Photograph: Laura Whitton With over ten years of experience in the museum and cultural heritage sector through documentation, curatorial, and image rights roles in local and national museums and special collections, I have a great understanding of and passion for the work of museums, galleries, libraries and archives. I have worked mainly with photographic collections but my academic background is in Classics with a BA from Leeds in Classical Literature and English and an MA from Birkbeck, University of London in Classical Civilisation.As Partnerships Manager for the Collections Trust I develop and maintain relationships with a range of partners, organisations and individuals who are committed to working with us to increase and improve access to collections for everyone. Our partners and networks are invaluable and we aim to ensure we are providing them with the means to develop and share their knowledge, expertise and profile through resources such as Collections Link and our annual conference OpenCulture.

In addition to visiting fantastic museums and exhibitions, I love going to the cinema and theatre and finding a great restaurant or pub. I would love to travel more widely and experience a few more grand prix circuits and lots more amazing museums! My current favourites are the Neues Museum in Berlin and MUDE in Lisbon which share the qualities of being in wonderful cities, having very interesting architecture and creatively displaying exhibitions and collections.