The SPECTRUM Standard

The SPECTRUM standard has been revised and republished several times since the first publication in 1994, with the publication of the most recent edition, SPECTRUM 4.0, in March 2011.

The Current Edition of SPECTRUM

SPECTRUM 4.0 – contains the 21 SPECTRUM Procedures represented in flow diagram format, and includes the information groups relevant to each procedure.

If you are a museum practitioner you will probably only need to refer to SPECTRUM 4.0. Specialist users such as Information Managers and software suppliers may want to download SPECTRUM 4.0 Appendix 1 which contains the Information Requirements for SPECTRUM 4.0, and the SPECTRUM 4.0 Schema.

Hard copies of SPECTRUM 4.0 and SPECTRUM 4.0 Appendix 1 are available to buy at cost from the Collections Trust Shop

Licences to use SPECTRUM

All registered users of Collections Link can download SPECTRUM 4.0, free. Registered users of Collections Link are automatically granted a licence to use the standard for non-commercial purposes from the time they first register.

You can download the licences for SPECTRUM here:


The application of SPECTRUM

The Collections Trust publishes SPECTRUM Advice, a series of fact sheets which explore the application of the SPECTRUM standard, as well as Using SPECTRUM to Sustain Collections, which uses case studies to explore the link between good collections managment and sustainable collections. See also SPECTRUM Resources for all SPECTRUM related resources published on Collections Link.


Previous editions of SPECTRUM

See the SPECTRUM Archive for previous editions of the SPECTRUM Standard, and see here for a brief history of SPECTRUM.