Cultural Property Advice

Welcome to the Cultural Property Advice platform

Cultural Property Advice is an on-line advisory service to help you to collect, buy and sell art, antiques and antiquities legitimately and with confidence. It provides an introduction to the management of cultural property for:

  • Public collections including museums, libraries and archives
  • Private individuals, who are either collectors or making a one off purchase
  • The trade, including dealers and auction houses

Cultural Property Advice provides a reliable, accurate and practical source of information and guidance on cultural property which includes: 

  • Legal and ethical issues surrounding cultural property
  • Understanding and researching provenance
  • Procedures for processing claims for the restitution and repatriation of cultural property
  • Acquiring, exporting and importing cultural objects
  • Communicating with the press and via social media about issues surrounding the restitution and repatriation of cultural property
  • Spoliation research and records for UK cultural heritage organisations for objects of unknown provenance for 1933-45.

From here you can link to the following information regarding cultural property: