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Privacy Policy

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Collections Link uses cookies to enable the site to work and also to provide analytics data so we can monitor how the site is used, which pages are popular, and so on. Find out more about cookies at

These are the cookies in use on the site as of May 10th, 2012.   

Cookie name



This cookie tells the browser which template to use to display the Collections Link website



This is a standard Google Analytics cookie which allows us to monitor stats for the usage of the site.



This cookie is used to maintain a persistent ‘shopping cart’ so that you can move between sections and still retain your selected purchases before heading to the checkout



This cookie allows you to add Collections Link to your browser favourites, and for your browser to remember this selection. We do not add anything to your browser selections.



This is a standard ‘session’ cookie which allows your navigation through the site to be seamless – it essentially remembers which page you have been on so that you can use your browsers ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons.



This cookie enables us to use ‘readable’ web addresses on the site, rather than long, complex strings of numbers and text.



All of these are additional standard Google Analytics cookies. They allow us to find out which search engine and search term you used to find us, roughly how long you stayed, whether this is your first visit and some other basic information about you.






This is a Joomla cookie which allows you to select how some elements of the page are displayed. Specifically, it enables us to remember whether you want articles to be fully expanded when you visit a page, or just to view the introductory paragraphs.


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