Our Work

Through our standards, our services and our professional know-how, we help thousands of cultural institutions around the world face the future with confidence. Our work ensures that millions of people worldwide can continue to discover, enjoy and learn from their history and the knowledge and stories which bring it to life.

Through our partnerships and online communities Collections Trust reaches out to a network of more than 23,000 organisations to share best practice and new thinking. We have an exciting range of programmes designed to help our community secure their collections, reduce their environmental impact, manage their costs and embrace the digital opportunity. We are also working with Governments, NGOs and Agencies around the world to define and develop professional practice.

Our current projects include:

Athena Plus

Aim: To open up and share standards and best practice in running digital projects associated with Europeana.

  • Researching how to get collections information to users rather than the other way round.
  • Allowing greater access to and use of cultural heritage information.
 image: Athena Plus logo

Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation (DCH-RP)

Aim: To harmonize data storage and preservation policies in the digital cultural heritage sector.

  • Progress a dialogue and integration among institutions, e-Infrastructures, research and private organisations.
  • Identify models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability of the integrated  infrastructure for digital preservation of cultural content.
Logo: DCH-RP


Aim: To add cultural content to search services such as Google and Wikipedia.

  • Researching how to get collections information to users rather than the other way round.
  • Allowing greater access to and use of cultural heritage information.
image: EEXCESS logo

EU Collections Competencies Project (EUColComp)

Aim: To transfer a set of universal competencies for collections management to institutions across the EU.

  • Identify the competencies required for particular roles.
  • Identify individuals’ levels of competence.
  • Identify the vocational and educational training (VET) needed to address missing/weak competencies.

Europeana Food and Drink

Aim: To connect people through the theme of food and drink in Europe.

  • Demonstrating that commercial revenue can be generated from digital cultural content, based on the theme of Food and Drink.

 image: EU Food & Drink logo

Europeana Inside

Aim: To help organisations seamlessly transfer their information into Europeana and other public-facing websites.

  • Creating the potential for more content to be available to the public
  • Making it easier and cheaper to share collections information
  • Adding value for SPECTRUM Partners.



Our previous projects include:


Aim: To create a picture of progress of digitising Europe's cultural heritage to inform policy and investment.

  • Provide a solution to ensure that high-quality statistical information about digitisation is captured and made available.
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Partage Plus

Aim: To find and digitise Art Nouveau collections across Europe in 2D and 3D formats for re-use in Europeana.

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